Today’s consumers, retailers, and suppliers are all very conscious of the global impact they have via their purchases.

Hanger sustainability is currently, and has always been, a major focus of Uniplast. Uniplast Industries is one the leading sellers of GS1/VICS reused hangers. We work in partnership with our retail and apparel customers to maximize this sustainability tool.

Reuse hangers began with the advent of GOH (garment on hanger) retail programs. Millions of hangers enter the US market on pre-hung apparel from their overseas factories. The reuse process begins at point of sale. Hangers are collected by sales associates at check out. Each stores hangers are then consolidated in retailer’s distribution centers. Hangers are then picked up, inspected, sorted, and repackaged. They then re-enter the supply chain, negating the need to produce new hangers. Hangers that do not pass inspection are granulated and recycled into the manufacturing of new hangers or other plastic products.

Coordinating this key sustainability initiative is an integral part of Uniplast’s business practices.


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