Research & Development is a core component of Uniplast’s focus. We seek to partner with our customers to develop and design hangers that will enhance their product presentation and increase sustainability.

We seek to increase our customers speed to market and reduce their costs through more efficient services, technologies, and processes. Along with creating new hangers and features to existing models, investing in R&D connects us to our customers and their changing needs in the highly competitive marketplace. Be it through design, maximizing production through increased automation, we strive to be the leader in our industry.

Uniplast fully supports the efforts of GS1/VICS and the performance guidelines they specify to ensure global hanger quality and consistency.

Research & Development Center in Guangdong China

This is the key to our research and development efforts. We are investing in automation robots and 3D printing technologies. According to the needs of our customers, we can create:

3D Drawings in 1 week
3D printed samples 1 week after drawings are approved
Production quality samples in just three weeks.

  • Rubber Notches

Creating additional options for rubber arm notches for both C-beam and I-beam models to eliminate hanger impressions on garments and ensure garments do not slip off the hangers.

  • Slimmer Designs

Slimmer designs, while still performing in compliance with industry standards, will improve rack space, decrease box dimensions, and streamline the supply chain process and drive down transportation costs.

  • Sliding Clip Bottoms

Bottom hangers with sliding clips will accommodate garments with various size waist bands vs. using the traditional fixed pinch grip models will allow greater floor presentation flexibility and easier rehanging.

  • Raw Material

Advanced raw material compounds will enable larger amounts of recycled plastic into hanger production to reduce organizational carbon footprint and improve waste management.

  • Collapsible Hook

Multiple models developed in both wire hook and plastic hook. Reduces box dimensions to reduce the high cost of emergency air shipments.

Please click on Testing Services Document for more information regarding our in-house testing capabilities we developed to meet GS1/VICS and our customers’ quality standards.

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