Expanding Intimate Apparel Hanger Business

Expanding Intimate Apparel Hanger Business  Uniplast is rapidly expanding its Intimate Apparel hanger business. By offering local production in Sri Lanka and increasing our product range and innovation, we are able to reduce our partners hanger cost, stock...

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Brand New Uniplast Website

Late last month, Uniplast launched it’s brand new web site featuring useful tools and important updates for the apparel industry. The most updated information regarding approved hanger programs for Saks Fifth Avenue, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy, JC Penney and several others are available…

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Sustainability Update

From raw materials, to manufacturing, all the way to retail, the Retail and Apparel industry continues to strive to be more sustainable. Consumers are driving this shift with their purchases, as they expect and demand that companies become better caretakers of the environment.

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