Sustainability Update

From raw materials, to manufacturing, all the way to retail, the Retail and Apparel industry continues to strive to be more sustainable. Consumers are driving this shift with their purchases, as they expect and demand that companies become better caretakers of the environment. Retailers and brands are responding by creating business models that keep hangers in use, utilize safe and renewable materials, and develop solutions for turning used hangers into new ones.

Reused hangers are a key component of Retailers and the apparel industry’s efforts to be more sustainable. Millions of hangers are imported into the United States via Retailers GOH (Good on Hangers) programs. Rather than going home with the customer and eventually ending up in landfills, hangers are collected at point of sale, returned to a centralized consolidated point, sorted, and resold into the market. Any hanger deemed unsaleable, is regrind and made into new hangers or other plastic products. This not only allows for the bypassing of the landfill, but also diminishes the need to produce new hangers – Double bonus for Sustainability!

Uniplast has been one of the leaders in the sales of reused hangers both domestically and in Central and South America. It is a core element of our business philosophy which allows us to further partner and strengthen our relationship with our Retail and Brand customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

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